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How to Have the Best Desert Wedding

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A wedding in a desert is a great way to explore the magical color of nature. However, there are some things that couples need to remember to ensure the day goes off without any issues. From design elements that emphasize the landscape’s natural beauty to spa treatments to help in dealing with the elements, here are awesome tips for a beautiful desert wedding:

Choose the Perfect Timing

Couples should consider tying the knot in early June and September so that venue options at hotels are not at their peak. Also, the weather at this time of year is perfect. Although it can still be hotter during the day, it will cool down at night. Couples can order fans for their guests if the weather is warmer than expected.

Consider Sunset Times

Sunset times must be paid attention to. In some locations, the sun sneaks behind the mountains earlier than sunset, affecting photography lighting and outdoor festivities. It is important to rent parasols even in November when guests stand in the sun.

Pick the Flowers that Can Endure in the Heat

The desert landscape offers natural and organic centerpieces that can help couples save money and avoid fighting with the background. But, some flowers are quite sensitive to the heat. That is why couples must pick those that endure well in the heat.

Take Advantage of What Nature Has for the Decor

In terms of decor decisions, a wedding in the desert makes it easy to work with the natural environment without being afraid of color. The desert provides many things green and beige; with pops of colors such as coral, blush, and turquoise that can tie the decor together memorably.

Plan for the Rain

It can suddenly rain in the desert. That is why there should be a backup plan for a random rain shower.

Check the Event Schedule at the Local Area

Before the wedding date is booked, couples must check the local area event schedule. Major events can be hosted throughout the year filling hotels and restaurants. Thus, couples must ensure they are not sharing their hotel with another big group.

Let Guests Enjoy the Hotel Amenities

While guests are in town for the wedding of their loved one or friend, they should be given time to enjoy hotel amenities such as a rooftop pool. Also, in some hotels, they can enjoy activities such as biking, guided tours, and complimentary yoga.