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Do Not Miss These Activities During Your Trip to Zoo De Granby

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Zoo De Granby is regarded as the largest zoo in entire Québec. This zoo is located at about one-and-a-half-hour journey from Montréal amidst the charming Eastern Townships. It is a non-profit organization that was founded in the year 1953. This zoo is home to around 1,800 animals that represents around 220 species from all parts of the world.

If you are planning to visit this zoo, then here are a few things that would make you informed about it. This will make your trip to Zoo De Granby all the more interesting.

How Zoo de Granby preserves Wildlife Heritage?

The primary mission of Zoo de Granby is to spread awareness among people for animal conservation. Though you can visit this zoo at any time throughout the year, it is popularly visited during the summer season. This zoo provides around 750 staff members who would educate visitors with an educational and entertaining experience.

There are also 20 zookeepers who ensure the overall well-being and health of the designated animals. This zoo contributes towards the research initiatives, projects and conservation all across the world. Zoo de Granby is a popular zoo located close to the Hôtel Château-Bromont. This hotel is known for its exemplary customer service and modern age amenities to suit the varied needs of customers.

Close proximity to popular attractions

Zoo de Granby is close to several top attraction sites such as a water park, an animatronic dinosaur zoo, a colorful central village full of souvenir boutiques, amusement park, food and various other services. There are numerous children-friendly circuits that will help in maximizing your fun.

The Africa Trail

The Africa loop is the most popular attraction of Zoo de Granby. Here you can see and includes a lot of iconic animals of the continent that includes the lion, elephant, white rhinoceros, ostrich, gorilla, hippopotamus, giraffe Grant’s zebra and hippopotamus.

Water Park

Zoo de Granby is home to the Amazoo Water Park and South America loop. It features iconic animals like American alligator, the Andean condor and the jaguar. The Amazoo Water Park features several types of water slides and wave pools like the Anaconda.


Zoo De Granby is one of the most popular zoos located in the Québec city. Equipping yourself with all this information will make your trip to this fabulous zoo a lot entertaining and enjoyable.